About Lee Ferguson

Lee leads classes that combine yoga and meditation, movement and stillness. A lifelong Christian, he holds a blue belt in Aikido and is lay-ordained as a Zen householder. He has been practicing Aikido for 24 years and Zen for 29 years. He adopted a yoga practice as a young adult. Lee  met the late George Leonard for a day of Mastery Training in 1999, and has attended nine days of workshops at Esalen Institute, learning to lead the ITP Kata. He engaged in independent tutorial work with ITP-International and he follows the nine commitments of Integral Transformative Practice(R).

About the Author

2013 was an eventful year, and Lee began a new set of engagements in the fall of the year.

In June, he completed work on an advanced degree in East West Philosophy and Buddhist Studies. Granted by Dr. Kate Ha through the California Hawaii Institute (CHI), studies for this degree were Lee’s focus of practice for more than three years. Projects for this degree ranged widely. A Blue Belt was awarded Lee in 2010 by Shihan Frank Doran's Aikido West. Lee took classes in compassion and willpower led by Stanford’s Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. These classes and workshops at Stanford University and Esalen Institute provided an independent academic background. Lee also received leadership coaching for two years from master trainers Pam Kramer and Barry Robbins through Integral Transformative Practice, International (ITPI). This included nine days of residential training at Esalen Institute—and the keeping of a schedule of 180 practice sessions per year.

In addition to writing more than 4,000 words for this blog and more than 130 pages in two small volumes entitled An Instance of Way Seeking Mind and Kata Leader Training, there was an ongoing laboratory. In this laboratory, Lee led "kata" classes at St. Mark's Church and Fran Bell's Studio in Palo Alto, as well evaluative "check-ups" with his  mentors, held at Sonoma State University or Aikido of Tamalpais. Over the course of these studies, Lee enjoyed the support of his wife, Pamela Heller, and of the ITP Palo Alto Community, facilitated by Michael Choy.

In the fall of 2013, Lee stepped into the role of a yoga and meditation teacher. He participates in leadership of adult education at his local church and leads Buddhist Christian Practice and Study there. He is engaged in a schedule of adaptive yoga classes each week, and is a guest instructor for classes each quarter at Sonoma State and other locations. He welcomes inquiries about class opportunities.

For a fuller description of Lee’s yoga class, please refer to the description on the home page and discussions in his blog.