Monday, November 26, 2012

Prayer To Share

Oh Holy Mother Earth,
We give you Gratitude and Love;
For human habitation, a place to rest and sleep:
For cave and hut and lean-to,
For cliff-dwelling, tent, and yurt,
For cabin, house, and flat,
Apartment, shelter, street, and condo--
Thanks to the Great Mind that finds us a place to be protected from the
elements, and for mind connecting us to that which is Mystery beyond. 

We are in touch with thankfulness for all that mediates our suffering--
For ground on which to stand and move and dance,
For water flowing everywhere we are, 
For food and friends to share it with,
For heat and light to cook and live in ,
And for our benefactors:
Teachers who passed along civilizing influences, public servants who
provide for care of the commons, spiritual leaders who give their
kindness without agenda, and all sentient beings who surround us with
their help. 

We are ready through our love and gratitude to receive the great
commission: to love and serve the Highest Mind, connecting
body-heart-mind-and-soul in trust to Mystery, and thus to create

Humbly we promise to go forth into this world in peace, 
To draw courage and hold fast to goodness,
Never to return unkind actions, gestures, and words--but also never to
cooperate with oppression,
To offer encouragement to the faint-of-heart,
Give support to weaker ones,
Help those whose suffering we see, 
And honor all sentient beings and this our planetary Home. 

Thus we thank the Source of Being, we stand in the Ground of Being, and
we move in pure love, only toward the fulfillment of the unfolding of
Being Itself.

If this prayer touches you, send it to ten of your contacts, or
translate it into another language, post it on a page, add
illustrations and print it and place it where you can see it daily. The
further  this prayer spreads out through humanity, the more blessings
multiply for you and your beloved ones.