Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016, First -->C Movement and Stillness Meditation "Back to the Blog"

Greetings in Springtime to all who value personal practice!

My prayer, arriving with this, is that you are thriving or, if not quite so, then returning to your inner connection with Infinite Healing Energy. Blessings be!

Reflecting on my efforts to bring harmony to those in my circles, I've decided that my social media connections need more attention. This means I'll schedule a weekly slot for reading others' and outputting my own. Not a radical shift, just a bit of care for what can be done to bring harmony in.

When you see "-->C" it's me! That's my moniker and typescript for "communication."

Likewise, the smiley I use to send love and gratitude: "</ ; - ) =>"; it's me in a baseball cap with a wink and a smile.

Watch for -->C coming with </ ; - ) =>.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice: 

Bessel van der Kolk, a leading researcher on the effects of stress on the human person, recently found that still meditation has little effect upon deeply healing PTSD. Systematic movement must be a part of addressing trauma and chronic stress. 

To be effective in reducing stress, your little daily personal practice should include: stating an intention, static poses, mindful movement, deep rhythmic belly breathing, and sounding the vocal cords inwardly. 

After practice, observe silent stillness for a few minutes. Who can not make time to integrate practice into their life? 

Even a daily five-minute walk in the park will do it!

You can always check in with me, just click the link below, in my emails:

</ ; - ) =>,

Jido Lee Ferguson
"Dr. Yasan Jido"